Audio: Podcast  Podcast.mp3 (5,7 MB)

Title: Effective Communication Skills ( English)




Instructional objectives:

At the end of this lesson students should be able to:

1. Identify different modes of communication.

2. Identify the various technologies/software that can be used to communicate.

3. Explain the concept of effective communication.

4. Critique a selected example of communication media. ( The Podcast above)

5. Create a mode of communication that adheres to the priniciples of effective communication.


Grade level: Appropraite for Form Three, Four or Five. This lesson plan can be further advanced to facilitate a Form Six Communication Studies class as well.


Use of Media: The media used in this lesson takes the form of a Podcast. A Podcast is a audio digital media file that can be downloaded via the Internet. To create a Podcast is relatively easy, given the accessibility to a microphone or video recorder and internet access. It is highly flexible and can be used to create media of virtually any situation. In this particular class, it is used to help in teaching effective communication skills, more specifically, oral communication skills. The Podcast was chosen because it allows the teacher to initiate group work, as well as, maximising the limited classroom time. The Podcast allows the students to create a piece of media, for example, an interview, lecture, poem or song that will help them understand the practical details of effective communication. In essence, they would be able to apply the theory that they have learn. In the event that there is not suitable equipment available, such as a microphone, students will still be able to listen and critique a media piece ( which is given) to gain further insight. Lastly, the Podcast also helps students interact with editing and production software, thereby enhancing technological skills as well as learning the social skills of teamwork to produce a finished end product.