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Title:  Effective Advertising ( Combination of English/ Information Technology )


Instructional objective:

At the end of this session:

1. Students should be able to create appealing colour combinations.

2. Students should be able to download images that are compatible with their advertised product.

3. Students should be able to to use persusaive language to advertise their product.

4. Students should be able to ensure that their advertisement is attractive and achieves its purpose.


Grade level: Form Four (4)


Use of media: Completed advertisement sample on Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is a very flexible piece of software that can be used for most functions related to word processing and creation of posters, flyers and brochures. Using Microsoft Word can help turn an Information Technology into an English lesson since students are able to harness their English language skills, which in this case, is persusaive language. It appeals to almost all intelligences since students are able to learn visually as well as gain hands on experience. Students at this level will be able to work in groups or individually, in order to showcase team work or personal work. The sample will act as a guidance, but creativity will be encouraged which will arouse interest and active participation.