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Title: Movie/Film Making (Information Technology)



Instructional objective:

At the end of the session:

1. Students should be able to adhere to the basics of photography.

2. Students should be able to plan a cohesive and coherent photostory to which pictures will be applied.

3. Students should be able to upload pictures ad apply captions using software.

4. Students should be able to apply music that complements the story.


Grade level: Form Four (4)


Use of Media: A Completed Photostory and Photoshop/Movie Maker software: This will be used at an advanced stage in academics since students are better able to understand the concept and use the software. Creativity will be encouraged and aroused through this project, since students are able to work in groups or individually to create a self titled piece. It would also be a form of learning that takes place outside of the classroom and involves more practicality and innovation. Students will also learn the basics in photography and will become more conscious of their environment, colour and light. They would also be able to take the skills used here and apply it to other subject areas throught presentations and workshops, as well as, the future workplace. It encourages other forms of self expression and critical analysis of concepts in society e.g. using photostories to draw attention to littering, crime, the environment and so forth. The use of the software will be both a teaching experience and an assessment in one, since students will learn and be assessed on their finished product.