This course, Use of Media and Production of Educational Materials, has been a great experience and a pleasure doing. It has been the best educational course I have taken during my programme of studies here, at the University of the West Indies. The components of this course are very much applicable to the modern day classroom and to the modern day learner. The knowledge I have gained in this course has helped me to understand more fully, the benefits of incorporating media and technology in the classroom. Technology promotes a learner centered, creative and fun environment in which the most difficult and mundane of concepts. I have also learned alot of new software that can be used for educational purposes, and are extremely flexible and user-friendly. As a potential teacher, this has made me realise the importance of creating a technologically driven classroom for imparting information. I have never had the experience of learning through technology in my primary and high school years, since I passed through traditional modes of instruction. However, using media in the classroom, I believe, promotes greater rentention of concepts and helps students channel their skills into more creative outlets, that will help them in the world of work. In short, learning educational media technology should be a complusory course for all programmes that will produce future educators, not just English/Literature students.

I have gained alot of knowledge and skills through this experience, and it was very much worthwhile !