Title: You Are What You Eat - Food and Nutrition

Instructional objective:

At the end of this lesson students should be able to:

1. Identify the basic food groups.

2. Explain the importance of balancing the food groups in meals.

3. Explain two (2) diseases that are caused by poor eating.

4. State the importance of exercise to the body and health.


Grade level: Appropriate for a Standard One, Two or Three.


Use of Media: The tool that is used in this lesson is the Web Quest. A Web Quest is a very stimulating and educational tool that can used in a classroom outfitted with computer software. This tool is appropriate for group work or as individual projects. This particular one is geared towards group work to encourage interaction. Since this involves students interacting with various forms of media and internet sites, it helps develop reading, comprehension and research skills. In addition to this, it allows the teacher to construct a lesson that involves the use of most of all multiple intelligences, thereby maximising learning in the classroom. The Web Quest requires more work from the teacher in terms of creating the lesson, but is very rewarding to both teacher and student, since it can be very creative, stimulating, entertaining and educational. The flexibility and creative capacity of the Web Quest is almost limitless, since potentially any lesson can be taught using it at any level of learning. The added links, media, videos and games ensures far more content and information than any traditional classroom lesson.